Markham Waxers

Coaches Bio……



Mike Papulkas: - Atom A/E,


  • "Committed to teaching basic individual skills to ensure our team develops talents to allow higher level play going forward."   I am committed to ensuring our hockey players continue to develop their own shooting, passing, and skating skills for their own satisfaction.



Scott King: - Bantam A/E,

  • Midget AE-1 Finished 3rd out of 16 teams in our division for regular season.  We had 16 wins 8 losses and 3 ties. (1 little point away from Newmarket).   108 goals for (2nd highest in our division) 62 against (third lowest) and our team had the least amount of penalties. We played in the Toronto Avalanche A tournament were we lost 5-4 in the semi finals against the team that won the tournament. We were also finalist in the Ajax Christmas tournament. Currently we are still playing in the OMHA semi finals vs. Newmarket. Our team has a great reputation around the league and in tournaments as been a great clean team. We have had many compliments from referees after many games. Our coaching staff promotes fun clean hockey
  • Ted Nedelkopoulos, defensive specialist and assistant coach. Ted brings three years of coaching hockey and three years coaching the Scarborough football. Ted is a defensive specialist and in both hockey and football he knows how to prevent the apposing team from scoring. Ted loves the game of hockey and supports our team without having his own kids on the team. Ted also is our team motivator, with his help our team has managed to stay calm, overcome trying situations and help come out on top.
  • Ric Hyderman, Trainer. Ric brings many years of experience coaching boys and girls hockey. Ric is a huge supporter of minor league hockey especially without have a player on the team. He has been a valuable asset to our team's success over the past three years.
  • We do have two slots open on our coaching staff.  We need 1 assistant coach and 1 extra trainer.
  • I was the first recipient to attend the OMHA Finals with the Midget AE Hockey team last season 2004/05.



John Christofilos: - Novice AA,

  • Information: Coaching experience - GTHL AAA and Tier 2 Junior A levels.
  • Playing experience:  NCAA Division 1 Scholarship recipient
  • Committed to making sure the players enjoy coming to the rink and interacting with teammates and coaches. Committed to team and individual skill development. (Passing, skating, shooting, puck handling, etc) Committed to having the team love and learn the game of hockey by achieving their potential as well as the team's potential by working together and counting on each other.        Making the season an experience to help in their development as young athletes and great kids.
  • Objective is to develop good hockey players and great young people.


Rudy Prosperi: - Minor Midget A/E,

  • Main goals are to demonstrate the understanding of fair play,
    equal ice time, and respect for teammates, other team players, coach's,
    referee's and fans. Improve individual player skills with good tactical
    skill development; improve level of fitness while enjoying the game and
    learning never to give up. Have been coaching at this level for the past 5
    years and have had the pleasure of seeing many players move up to "A" and
    "AA" level's.


Robert Thomas: - Minor Atom A/E,


  • Five years experience coaching minor hockey. 
  • Coaching approach based on individual athlete skill development and team building.
  • Goals are to ensure the players experience is very positive and rewarding.  Make sure the players are well prepared for potential advancement to the next level.


  • Fitness enthusiast well versed on current physical fitness trends and athletic development especially for younger developing athletes.


  • Experienced endurance athlete, currently active age group triathlete and adventure racer. 

Ironman tri-athlete.  Lake Placid, NY Ironman Triathlon 2001 finisher.


Lewis Bursey: - Novice A,


  • Experience: 2004-05 / Coach Markham Tyke Select
  • Objectives and Philosophy: My intentions are to teach the kids to play safe clean hockey, have fun, make friends, develope the hockey skills, and last win that priority. While some coaches may have varying styles and methods to teach the kids, I do know that with the coaches and assistant coaches I've worked with the one thing we have in common is that we love kids and we love the game of hockey.
  • The Novice "A" hockey program is going to be for the kids, not for the parents or the coaches, or for the league. We will want the kids to enjoy coming to games and practices because they want to be there. I don't believe in shouting instructions at the kids as they are skating by the bench 6-feet away. We should try to teach the kids to make their own on-ice decisions and that it is okay to make mistakes (because thats how they are going to learn) and then to show them (during practices and on the bench during games) what they could do differently to get another outcome. (i.e. carry it, pass it or shoot it).
  • Practices will focus on Skating, Puck Control, Stickhandling, Shooting techniques, Passing skills, Checking and Positioning. These skills will result in maximum participation and enjoyment. The element of fun will be maintained throughout the program to ensure players are focussed and eager to participate in all planned activities. Coming from Tyke Select, we have seen that the kids at this age need to pass more (and better), they need to learn to keep their positions better and they all need to learn to go into the offensive corner to go get the puck (instead of watching the other team carry it out), but all this will come with time. These kids are all learning and developing at different rates of speed. They are little individuals and they are all not evenly developing. We have to all understand that some kids are slowly catching up to the others on a team, some are rapidly passing the pack while and yet others pull back from the pack for a little for a while and then pull forward fast again.
  • The success of this team will not depend on winning. It will hinge on whether the kids still enjoy coming to practices and games and whether they are being treated fairly. We will be fair with the kids' ice time. They will all experience power-plays, short-handed, first-minute and last-minute game situations. In general, the next line up will be the next line out in any situation. There will be no double-shifting. We may look at changing positions or linemates but nothing unusual. We would like the kids to go as far as possible because they deserve it, but we won't be shortening the bench or using a win-at-all-costs tactic to accomplish this. It will be, as it always has been, up to the kids. You're all paying and they'll all be playing.



Barry MacDonald: - Minor Midget A,


  • Played Hockey for 47 years including Junior in Northern Ontario.

Coached in Newmarket, Dallas, and Markham – 11 years.

Coached Ringette 8 years including USA National Team 2002


  • Personally, I am interested in the skill development of young men to enhance their involvement and appreciation of the Game; to have each player reach their full potential at whatever level they are playing and; to maximize their enjoyment of the Game.


Bernie Korte: - Bantam A,


  • A dedicated father and coach with over 10 years experience of coaching at most levels in both the GTHL and the OMHA.
  • Fully qualified and certified by the CAHA with a level 2 coach status.
  • My teams have won numerous tournaments over the years.
  • Many players have moved to higher levels from my teams.
  • I believe in giving all players a fair opportunity to play penalty killing, power plays and critical situations.  There is no over-emphasis on a small group of players.
  • As this is an 'A' program, the time requirements and the budgets recognize that hockey is not all there is to life.  If on the other hand you believe it is and that your child is destined for greatness in the NHL, my program will likely not be a good fit for you.
  • We promote fun (in a "family friendly" environment), a love of the game and skills that they will use the rest of their life, both inside and outside of the rink.
  • I believe in "home town hockey".  As such, all players that come to the try-out will receive due consideration.  Unlike other teams in other leagues, the team has not already been picked.



George Georgiou: - Novice A/E,


  • This team is all about the kids developing as athletes and as quality human beings. It is about setting the stage for life long friendships on and off the ice.


Phil Kestin: - MInor Atom AA,


  • Our basic philosophy will be:


·         To progress hockey skills and knowledge of the game

·         To have every child learn the value of friendship & teamwork

·         To teach a sense of respect for everyone (opponents, team-mates, coaches, officials, parents…  everyone).

  • Our ultimate goal is that your child learns about this great game we all love & walks away from this season with 16 new best friends and memories to last a lifetime!
  • As in the past, our team will be selected by a panel of affiliated coaches looking at skills, awareness and game play.


Joe Interisano: - Minor Bantam A/E,


  • The Interisano’s have been residents of Markham since 1983 and involved with Markham/Unionville Minor Hockey since 1996. I’m a dedicated father and coach with 10 years experience coaching minor hockey. My son Christopher was born 1993 and will play in the 1992 age group this year. In 2004-05 Chris was the leading scorer on the Waxers Min Peewee ‘A’ team and in 2003-2004 won the I LIVE with Character Award  Tony Roman Memorial Hockey Tournament.


Enthusiasm, Effort, Fair Play, Fun, Initiative, Respect, Skills Development and Team Play


Our goal will be to promote fun (in a "family friendly” environment), a love of the game, and have a positive hockey experience in a safe environment. To promote sportsmanship, fair play, and respect for teammates, opposition team players, coaches, referees, and fans.

 Teamwork, what a group can achieve as a whole is greater than what individuals can achieve will be promoted. Every effort will be made to give players equal ice time. Equal ice time policy is based on Code of Conduct Guidelines that players will sign at the beginning of season.

Participation by all parents will be encouraged in team activities, special events, and off ice duties. Everyone has something special to offer! A team that works and plays together will have fun and success.

Hard work, determination, the pursuit of excellence will be the theme of all practices. How a team practices is how they play in games. Practices will include personal technical and team tactical skills development, team systems development, and as a reward for hardwork 4 on 4 or other games. Steve Davies Goalie Coach York University will work with our goalies 2 to 3 hours a month.

• All players attending try-out will receive due consideration. There are no players signed to this team yet and all are welcome to try-outs. The try-out selection panel will not consist of any parents with children trying out for the team.

• This is an 'A/E' program, the time requirements and the budgets will be based on parent feedback.  If on you believe your child is destined to move up in Rep levels, our program is for you.


Coaching Education - 1998 Level One Certificate, 2000 Intermediate Certificate, 2001 Speak Out Clinic, 2003 OMHA Trainers Clinic and Part Time Hockey Skills Instructor with Hockey Tech international since 2002.

Coaching Experience and Highlights - Coach and/or Assistant Coach 10 years. Waxers, Unionville Select and House League.


2004-05 Waxers Minor Bantam ‘AA’ (Assistant Coach) - Goalies and Technical Development,

         1st Place Finish

         Empire State ShowDown Champs.


2003-04 Waxers Peewee ‘AA’ (Assistant Coach)

         Streestville Tournament Champs

         Ontario Silver Stick Finalist

         South Florida Invitational Champions

         Waxers Thanksgiving Finalist


Playing Experience - Port Colborne Minor Hockey Association, House League to Rep.

College Niagara Knights Varsity 2 years. OCAA Western Division Champs 71-72.

Assistant Coaches - Assistant Coach Paul Williams is a 10 years coach of the GTHL and OMHA. Paul is eager to coach again, loves minor hockey and will supports our team without having his own child on the team.

Assistant Coach Defense, Team Manager and Trainer TBD



Steve Facey: Midget A,


·   First and for-most the most important thing is the kid have fun and play hard in this

potentially their last year in minor hockey.

  I have been coaching hockey at various levels for the last 10 years H/L to REP and playing for 30 + years (not to age myself) with many successes and a lot of fun .

  One of my main goals are to promote the understanding of fair play,  respect for teammates, other team players, coach's and referee's so we all can have a great year.



James Walker: - Minor Bantam AA, /


Favourite Quote and Motto:

"Speed is disorienting..... It robs an opponent of coordination and control, stripping away skills, breaking down systems making even the simplest tasks seem difficult" (Ken Dryden "The Game")

Summary of Experience

  • 12 years coaching at various levels (house league through rep) at various centers   
  • 6 years trainer
  • Power Skating Instruction  


  • I believe that playing sports is supposed to be fun, that’s why they are called games;
  • I believe in teamwork above individual effort ;
  • I believe that a team can be more than the sum of its parts;
  • I don't measure a teams or an individual’s success in terms of games won or lost, goals fore or against, goals, assists or plus/minus. Success can only be measured by improvement and team play,  Winning will and always follows improvement;
  • I try push my players to push themselves to be the best they can at everything they do;
  • Academic Activities are Number 1;
  • I believe that Kids need a life too. Other activities bring value to a player on ice and off;
  • I love tournaments! I think the best part of a hockey season are the tournaments;
  • I try to foster an environment where each player recognizes they and their teammates each brings something unique and valuable to the table;
  • I am always open to suggestion and think communication is the best way to head off trouble.



Michael Giusti: Bantam AAA,

  • AA manager, assistant coach & head coach – 3 time OMHA champion
  • OMHA AAA head coach
  • Introduce concepts: read & react, team play, commitment & respect.
  • Execute: wide range of team systems at game speed.
  • Refine:  individual skills & tactics
  • Improve: knowledge of the game and of fitness / nutrition.


Our goal is to develop the individual skills, implement these skills within our team concept and let our record take care of itself as we progress through these strategies.




Mark Inglis and Steve Leslie: Atom AAA,


Markham Waxers Atom AAA 2005/06

Team Philosophy/Development strategy, Coaching background, Playing in the OMHA, Team selection


  • The Markham Waxers Atom AAA Program for 2005/06 promises to be an excellent experience for all involved – from players, to parents, to the volunteer coaches & club management. Our plan is to bring together a great bunch of kids, develop them aggressively through a focused, progressive program and above all, to have fun! Our goal is to make the storied “Blue & White” an honor to play for and a privilege to return to.


  • Our team philosophy is to create an overall environment where the players have fun and look forward to coming to the rinkeach and every practice & game. The team will play to win, but we will not employ a “win at all cost” philosophy. Our desire is tohave every one of our players thrive at the AAA level. Towards this goal, we have mapped out a practice curriculum & development strategy that builds at both the individual and team levels. Our guarantee is to develop each player to the limit of our program.


  • The players will finish in April greatly improved (on all levels - individual, team, tactical and on a personal level) compared to where they started in September. Our overall goal is to develop the children not only as hockey players, but also as young men, with an emphasis on team play, respect, and above all, where we build on the confidence of each and every player – not erode it.


  • Development will focus on building strong fundamentals, with skating at the core. We plan on having two lengthy practice sessions/week (either 1˝ hrs. or 2hrs. in duration). Our plan is to ramp up in the pre-season with a fun off-ice program and team building in early August. Regular pre-season skates will start in mid August. Development will focus on life long skills such as leadership, teamwork, and responsibility. The kids will learn the importance of hard work and how it drives success – hard work in practice in every drill, hard work in games on every shift. We will strive for fairness in ice time. In key situations, close games, playoffs, or must win situations, the best players, playing that game or who have demonstrated above average skills, will be utilized. We will recognize and reward hard work. There will be consequences for lack of effort, habitual lateness, etc. Team Conduct, Rules & Regulations will be clearly laid out in April and will be followed to the letter when the puck drops in September. Our goal is to challenge the players to reach new heights in all aspects of their development.


  • The Waxers Atom AAA club will be “co head coached” by Mark Inglis and Steve Leslie. This strategy has been adopted by not only the Markham Waxers, but also by the Toronto Red Wings in the GTHL and is used primarily at the younger age groups. Both Steve and Mark have strong hockey backgrounds, both share an equal passion for the game, both greatly enjoy working with children and both are completely aligned from the perspective of coaching philosophy and development strategy. Steve grew up in Halifax Metro, where he played through the ranks, inishing at the AAA level in his Midget year. Steve played Jr. B for the Sackville Blazers and Jr. A for the Cole Harbor Scotia Colts. Steve’s coaching experience includes Assistant coach,  003/04 Waxers AA and in Rochester in 2002/03. Mark played his minor hockey in the GTHL, at the AAA level, finishing with the Don Mills Flyers. Mark played Jr. B with Wexford Raiders and later in the Scarborough Major and North York Senior A Hockey Leagues. Mark is currently the  ssistant Coach/Trainer with the Minor Atom AAA Waxers team. Mark has also served as the Assistant Coach with the 2000/01 & 2001/02 Markham Islanders AA and with the 1998/99 Hillcrest Summits AA. Adam Lamarre (Bowling Green, BHL), John Harding (5 yrs. Waxers Jr. A) & Brad Griffin (London Knights/Waxers Jr. A) will also participate in our curriculum.


  • The OMHA is a fun, community-spirited, “hometown hockey” experience without the heavy politics, pressure and player movement that comes with the territory in most other leagues, most notably in the GTA (and particularly at the AAA level). OMHA participants enjoy  aluable friendships both on and off the ice with their fellow players, most often living in the same neighborhoods and attending the same schools. There are just as many great players/teams in the OMHA as here are in any other league. Success will find your child regardless of the league that he/she plays in. As far as the travel fallacy goes, throughout the entire 2004/05 season, the Waxers Minor Atom AAA played once in each of Peterborough & Lindsay and made two trips to Barrie.


  • The try-outs will be held during the week of April 18th. The selection process will be thorough, collaborative and objective. Naming of the team staff will follow tryouts, in keeping with our objective approach. The successful player/candidate will have a strong mix of the required skills, positive attitude, competitive edge and a demonstrated capacity to listen & learn. For more information, please feel free to contact either Mark @ 416.854.5148 or Steve @ 416.998.3756.



Ryan D. Hood: - Major Bantam AA,

·        Accomplishments:         -1st place finish overall (2004-2005) (18-5-5)
                                   -Rochester State Showdown Champs
                                   -two (2) -semi-final placing
                                   -Winners of the York-Simcoe Championship

·        Program (2005-06):     -Summer Camp in Wasaga Beach
                                   -On ice skills development (twice a week)
                                   -Home and Away games weekly
                                   -3-5 tournaments...including one International or Provincial
                                                (Prague, Sweden, Florida, Chicago or California)

·        Mission Statement:        "To assemble a team of athletes whereby bringing us all together will produce something much greater then our individual parts!"

·        Objective:                       -To have fun!
                                     -To win the Provincial Championships!


Derek Candolini: - Novice AAA,


-          I’ve played minor hockey in Markham

-          Division 1 NCAA scholarship recipient

-          9 years coaching experience in the Waxers organization

-          8 years at AAA level


My hockey "program" is designed around:            1) player skill development 

                                                                                    2) Developing player knowledge

                                                                                    3) Understanding situational play


Most importantly, this program is for the PLAYERS and their enjoyment of the great game of hockey! 

Jeff Calabretta: - Midget AA,

  • Our intentions as a coaching staff is to compile a well rounded group of young adults that understand the definition of 'team'.  T.E.A.M. represents "Together Everyone Achieves More".  We intend to create an atmosphere where all players understand that the game of hockey can only be advanced through team work, communication and discipline.  Beyond the theory to a successful team, our staff plans to implement individual technical skill achievement for each player, along with technical team skill such as system break outs and power plays.  We believe in the "Respect All, Fear None" philosophy.  An idealistic that goes beyond hockey as these young adults are at time in their life where post secondary education, peer pressure, and major decisions enter their life.  Our philosophy intends to make these individuals better people as well as better hockey players.  After all, life doesn't end at hockey... This is only the beginning.


Stephen Spracklin: - Minor Atom 'A',


Coaching Philosophy:


  • Through team sports, children are able to improve upon their physical skills while developing friendships, an understanding of the importance of teamwork, confidence in themselves and in others.


  • My philosophy to coaching hockey is simple, for children to get the most out of an opportunity to play on a competitive hockey team, they must be exposed to an environment that facilitates learning.  To succeed, player development, teamwork, discipline and commitment are essential.  However, in an environment where children are not encouraged to enjoy themselves and have fun, the ability to learn and develop as players and as people is greatly diminished.  Accordingly, I believe that children need to have fun to be able to learn and to be able to succeed and I take this philosophy with me whenever I step behind the bench or onto the ice.  


  • That being said, success will not always be determined by the scoreboard.  I believe that in order to be a winner, you must learn to be a gracious loser, and be able to learn from your mistakes.  In order to learn from mistakes, you have to be prepared for mistakes to happen and have the necessary feedback opportunities and open lines of communication so that everyone involved can benefit.  Simply put, good hockey players make mistakes, great hockey players learn from them.


  • I hope that my approach to the game not only makes the children better hockey players, but also helps them become better people.



Jeff McLeod: - Minor Peewee A,


Coaching Background:


  • 2004-05 Assistant Coach with Waxers Atom A
  • Prior:

3 seasons: Coaching minor hockey

1 seasons: Coaching minor baseball      


1 year:  Instructor at various hockey programs and camps

·        My goals are to:

            1.  Promote a fun, safe hockey experience where players

     develop skills and friendships   

2.  Create an environment of respect for the game, officials,

     coaches, parents, and teammates

3.  Emphasize individual skill improvement and team play

4.  Encourage and challenge the players to be the best they can be